Looking for a Knit Factory (12-15 Sewing line) in the area of Gazipur/Savar of Bangladesh !!

Quality always counts …and this is where you will find it!



Hello All,

We are looking for a local Knit Factory (12-15 basic sewing line) who have space but don’t have enough FOB orders to feedback the capacity either contractual/employment agreement!!!


  • Bank solvency – Able to open BBLC worth amount US$750,000 per month
  • Dyeing and Finishing: Should have dyeing plant to produce the regular fabric. Preferring dyeing finishing capacity 4-5 tons per day.
  • Mentally prepared to do well compliance factory
  • Able to run the factory at least 2 months by company’s own finance
  • Location – Preferred area Gazipur /Savar, Bangladesh.
  • If there any opportunity comes to do joint venture with a foreign company; be prepared to accept by mutual benefits.
  • New investors are also welcome, if ready to start project work immediately (estimated time within o3 months).

If you are interested, please feel free to ask for details by cell +8801819432605 or e-mail mithu.hassan@gmail.com if require.

Best regards


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