Why GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is a Poor Measure of Wealth and Prosperity

I’m afraid that for too many people (especially politicians) this is an inconvenient truth. Most of them will be rubbing their hands in glee at the floods. storms, and other natural disasters causing people to spend mega trillions, on rebuilding and replacing. The cost of employing more and more officials who commission more and more enquiries resulting in financial institutions and other conglomerates requiring to hire more and more specialists to cover their butts while ripping us all off, must be improving our GDP all the time.

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The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is a measure of economic activity for a country as a whole.  GDP, and related figures like per capita GDP or inflation-adjusted GDP, are frequently referenced in economics and news sources, especially in the context of development economics, and especially in news sources discussing economic downturns or booms.  GDP is so dominant that the general term “growth” is usually implicitly assumed to mean growth of GDP.

Economics, contrary to popular belief, is not the study of money or financial systems per se, but rather, the study of resource use and distribution in human society.  Definitions of economics, including those in most mainstream economics textbooks, emphasize economics as the study of the choices people and groups of people make, particularly in contexts involving scarce resources.

If economics is to retain its place in academia and society as a legitimate social science, the economic discourse needs…

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Big, Bold and Messy

Make It Your Problem

If you are by nature more outgoing and gregarious and were nurtured to love the spotlight and encouraged to perform then you may appreciate a big bold and messy life. Ups and downs; wild rides to the top of a coaster where you can’t see the horizon and belly jumping loops that unsettle you from your seat will be of great appeal. You will be troubled by downturns but not devastated and you likely don’t handle failure any better or worse than success. You are looking for the next cycle.


I know lots of bbm folks and might be one myself. We relish the chance to try something ‘new’, although as I age I am not sure I take the same kinds of risks. In my head and heart I am still capable of doing anything but a niggling crack of reality is starting to shine through. My friends who…

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Breathe in Your Blessings

Well said, Bob!

Make It Your Problem

I watched “White Christmas” last night and was reminded by Bing and Danny and cast that ” if I am worried and can’t sleep, I should count my blessings instead of sheep”. Great specific advise but I would add that we are better when we counting our blessings.

When times are low, I can wallow in the moment and forget the amazing things that I have/that I was given/that are yet to come and dive deep into ‘woe is me’. I don’t do much better when times are grand – I can take everything for granted and stop counting blessings while seeing them as entitlements.

This Christmas season, I am counting my blessings and realize they are so abundant and rich they are. I am in awe of the variety and quality of people in my life. I am mesmerized by the beauty I get to see and the majesty…

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Green Elk marches forward with investment

Let’s hope this catches on!

Green Elk Blog

Social outdoors startup Green Elk announces angel investment to enable more outdoors social connections

Munich and Helsinki, 23 June 2015: Want to go outdoors more often? Startup Green Elk says that it’s all about having people to discover the outdoors with. With that in mind Green Elk has launched iPhone and Web Apps to enable social connections between outdoors people. Or, as their tagline says, “Meet Outdoors People”.

Today, Green Elk announced an Angel investment led by Larry Stefonic, CEO of WolfSSL and former EVP Sales at MySQL AB, who also joins Green Elk as an advisor.

“Green Elk is about helping create lasting social relationships through outdoors experiences. Survey after survey and our own personal experiences show that we’d go out more often and try new outdoors sports if we had the right company. And that’s the problem we want to solve: To find local people to go…

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Remarkable Action

Make It Your Problem

Now that you have found a cause/issue that you are passionate about and spent some time raising your awareness of the issue and gained understanding and respect for the impacted population. You are ready to act.

There are two possible approaches. You can take immediate , relevant, and concrete (IRC) action using existing skills, possibly the same skills that you use everyday in your job, or you can take a completely different role and learn new skills.. If you do a lot of public speaking at work then maybe you can become a voice for change. If you do artwork or design find a way to be creative. If you are in sales, raise funds or pitch change. Managers could organize group action, tradespeople can paint,wire or plumb an at-risk families home. An IRC action can be very effective and efficient if you are using familiar skills, strategies and tactics.

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We are Living in a mobile world! Is that True for Empire Avenue?

Eav Daily Tips

Since I’m back on the  Avenue, around last January 2015, I noticed that there are a lot of newstarters who joined and really didn’t start with the ‘Game’ !!

  • No Profile Picture
  • No Biograph
  • No Portfolio >> read investments
  • Not doing missions
  • Zero Engagement offcourse
  • No Networks connected
  • etcetc.

OK in the past we also had new profiles like this, but its amazing that more then 90% joined nowadays and do almost nothing! Just a couple a day meet my Daily list..

Its so easy  to start an account and take some time to do the Get Started Mission Set for an information tour around the Avenue, direct create a  starters Cash of 750K Eaves and setting UP your profile!

Besides that, it is easy to find people and communities around.  who offer you Help.


After our experience from the past, almost all newstarters didn’t know anything about Empire Avenue before!  People think >>> CityVille >> CastleVille…

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View James Michael Sama’s Shorty Award Campaign Video!

James Michael Sama

Hey all! As you have probably seen by now floating around on social media, I am honored to be nominated for a Shorty Award for the second year in a row!

I feel that this is an important award for this blog to be recognized for, because the value of these messages and articles being recognized is not just a reflection on me – but also a reflection on all of you who help to spread the word and in turn, pledge to raise your standards and recognize your own self worth. The mission of this website is not to enhance my own personal brand, but to empower all of you to become the best versions of yourselves.

For this reason, I am pushing to get as many nominations as I can. I have put together a short campaign video below that I would love for you to take…

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Criminal gangs could hack connected vehicles on the road: report – domain-B

This needs some serious thought!

SoLoMo Consulting

Criminal gangs could hack connected vehicles on the road: report

Source: www.domain-b.com

Years ago my car was used as a pilot for the launch of a new security system and I saw videos of crooks waiting for someone to park their car, while they recorded the signal from the owner’s remote control as they locked their Ferrari or other expensive motor. I did love my CodeAlarm which let me start my empty car up when people sat on its bonnet at the mall. It never failed to amuse me as people looked inside to an empty car. Not a biggie for people who lived in Canada or other places where you had to warm your car up before you got into it, but most unusual in New Zealand.

Today with more sophisticated electronics to lock cars, I heard that the new concept for car-jacking is to try to get people…

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